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Saturday, October 22, 2016

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month

It's incredible that it has been 7 years since I left my abuser for good! I felt trapped. I was unsure how and when I was finally going to leave, of course I knew in my heart I wouldn't live to see the end of 2009. A dear Friend of mine felt the same way and encouraged me to leave before it was too late.

I'm new to making videos so please be kind! I hope to have more videos in the future. My wish is to continue to ignite hope in those trapped in abusive relationships. Whether it is your mate, family member, or co-worker.

You Dear Blog reader are not alone! Please stay safe and God bless!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Random non drama post! Honest!

Things around here are settling down. I got to be honest things around here are pretty intense due to our Daughters issue. I wasn't sure if I needed an exorcism or just to cleanse the house a gazillion times because of the negativity and mood we are all carrying.

I managed to break out of my worries about shooting videos and putting them on the web to create a few! I also started an Instagram account (Melinda Kunst) to help with my dream of getting my business off the ground (Legacy Antiques & Estate Sales on FB), plugging our someday mini farm, also this blog! I want to show that YOU can find regain your spirit again! It is possible!

I read self improvement books, listen to youtube and podcasts for this subject as well as growing in my faith. I do not wish to be defined as someone that got the crap beat out of her or put down all the time and just disappeared never to discuss what made me today.

Your thinking what?! Those experiences humbled me. Grew my faith. Challenged me to think out of the box to save my skin. Sound weird? Sharing my story has brought me closer to my family and friends. It has also brought strangers into my life by telling in return they share theirs!

I am shedding that skin of meekness or maybe I should call it passiveness to grow that spunk or moxie I had before I lost myself. I have a fierce Warrior spirit that has not only survived the roller coaster of abuse but also called upon that God loving force to help me with Lyme.

I appreciate more, want to share more and want to give back anyway I can. I also want you to know some of the things I really enjoy and what good things are going on around God's Breath Farm!

Future videos to come soon! My story in my words coming as well!

Don't give up! Stay strong! Believe! Make sure you have a strong support group or contact local groups that can help. It's hard to leave. It's hard to find a "Normal" life again. I hate to beat a broken drum but it is honestly not easy. There are still hiccups! Whether it's me getting in a funk, kids not listening to me, step parenting children of abuse (my partner dealing with my baggage), or just staying safe. But it can happen. Believe! Have faith!

Dear blog reader wherever you are I pray you find peace.

God bless and big hugs,


PS- Kindly ignore my hair and fluffy sides. I am in a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's falling out due to the Lyme and my weight is fluctuating is on overdrive. And no I didn't eat all those tater skins! Terry and I shared, BIG GRIN! I'm a cheap date! I splurged and had soda.