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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breaking up

It doesn't matter what type of relationship you are in, whether it is abusive or not, breaking up/leaving is one of the hardest things to do. Your friends will chime in happily saying your better off or just dump them already. That is easier said then done! There is alot of emotions involved even in a good relationship!

Depending on if it was abusive, cheating, fell out of love or what have you, the reasons can be numerous in a breakup. The right time to do so is when it feels right and only you will know when that is! I'm a total chicken when I do this because I dread confrontation. I've done it by answering machine and text. Either way it's a chicken way to do so but it needed to be done.

You may have had big plans with this person, dreams of a life that seemed almost fairytale. Or perhaps it was just a unhealthy relationship and it was time to go. Whatever the case looking at the big picture and what you want for yourself down the road is what your focus should be. How do you want your life to go?

You maybe thinking, "How am I going to make it on my own?" If you are in an abusive relationship your Abuser may use this as a tactic to keep you. Putting you down and taking your self esteem little by little. Soon you believe him/her. Why leave? There is nothing better out there? Right?

If you are in an abusive situation by all means make sure you have a safety plan! Don't leave without one! Make sure you have a person in your life that you can trust if you need help to put your plan in motion.

Wrong! There is your children, a life that you have never dreamed of. I am unsure if you believe in God but he has big plans for you! Even if it seems bleak and unsettling right now, there is a plan, there is hope and possiblities of new beginnings. Don't lose hope, believe in yourself and if you need to go, open your wings, take a deep breath and leap!

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